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Politics and Religion don't mix!

We've all heard the saying, "Politics and religion don't mix!"  Well that's not true!  The founding members of these United States framed our Constitution on Christianity.  "Freedom of religion" did not mean to include any and all religions, and any and all gods as they are known today.  The Framers' theism references the God of the Christian Bible.  This statement is not meant to be prejudiced but it must be examined more in depth if we are to understand what the laying of the foundation of this country was really based on, and where it is headed today.  As we've all come to see in the horror of 9/11, some religious practices are intent on destroying our Nation.  Just as deadly is the lack of a moral compass (abortion, etc.) or even worse, not practicing any faith.  Some questions that I know I have are:  Could the God of the Bible be turning away from our Nation if we choose to turn away from Him?  How can we say we believe in God, the author of life, and then have legalized abortion?  If our President is in support of abortion, will the Lord listen to his/her prayers, or ours if we voted for him/her?  When are we not a Nation Under God anymore?  I personally feel that the Lord is turning his face away from the United States.  He is GOD afterall and does not have to agree with us if we don't agree with and obey his commands in the Bible.  I remember when the 10 Commandments were posted in school or at least where I had access to them as a child.  When was the last time you saw them posted outside of Church?  Or even in Church?